Saturday, January 07, 2006

Canadians Sue Sony

Canadian blogster and Proffessor of Law in Ottawa, Michael Geist writes that there are two new Canadian Lawsuits in the Sony rootkit Scandle first reported on Mark Russinovich's blog on October 31, 2005. This one's just not going away for Sony. If you're worried that you might have this root kit or any other Windows root kit, SysInternals has created a RootKitRevealer. This is well worth checking out. I cannot since I no longer run any Microsoft Operating System.

The lawsuit claims, amongst other things that, Sony deceptively packaged this product as a music cd. Music CD's are clearly defined in a set of standards set out by Phillips when they patened the CD format in the eaely 80's of the last centruy.The CD standard guarantees that a music cd will play in any CD player. That includes those installed in PC's. This one was designed not to play under certain conditions predetermined by Sony.

The suit further claims violations of the comsumer protection, and privacy acts. The suit asks for in excess of fifty million dollars in damages and further punitive damages.

This is another reason to be very careful who you are voting for in the upcoming Federal Election. Will they take Michael Geists's pledge not to allow anyone on the House of Commons Commitee studying the legislation who has taken money from the recording industry either domestically or from the United States? The new copyright law will be with us for most of our lives and that of our children. It is a sobering thought, will your right to speak be threatened or protected?

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