Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Digital Prestidigitaion

It happened accidentally, but I had considered it for a while. I have found that certain issues cloud what The Record Jacket Historian was meant to be. I considered transferring some things to a new blog and just talking about recorded music I've listened to or ma currently interested in.

I was looking through Google's new acquisition, "Writely" and wandered into eBlogger Beta. I attempted to switch RJH to the new beta but couldn't so
Digital Prestidigitation was born. It seemed only fitting that I should use a word like "prestidigitation" since it was introduced to me first by one of myfavourite pianist, Glen Gould. Had he live longer he would have been more and more fascinated with the changes. As at least some of you know he embraced technology in a big way. He even went so far as to predict the demise of the concert hall! I'm glad that prediction hasn't come true!

From now on, all my comments about intellectual property, changes in technology and such will be done on Digitial Prestidigitaion and all comments and log entries about recorded music I'm interested in or truly great recordings will stay on RJH.