Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Pitting one musician against another is counter productive.

I was going to do a comparrson of Stephen Kovacevich's Brahms Piano Concerto No. 2 agianst one of the truly great pianists, Sviatoslav Richter, but after listening to both performances I thought that perhaps the Richter recording had enough unique features that it shoulld be conisders by itself. By unique features I don't mean Richter's playing I mean the abysmall sound of many of his recording. Richter, unillike Glenn Gould, did not like recoridng studios and instead prefered live recorindg. For some that is risky but in Richter's case, it prooves fortunitous. We get to hear a great pianist as he plays day after day. You get to hear the consistant vision of each composer. Both of these musicians have added something unique to the musical univese. I am not sure the constant pitting of one performer against another and coming up with a winner is really useful.

So, today is at least in part (and until I get rid of this nasty cold/flu bug I've got) will be checking the water and replacing a few cups of water in my Betta Splendens home and nurse this nasty flu and cold bug that seems to be going around despite have a flue shot earlly.

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