Sunday, December 11, 2005

Telus Customer Service Woes!

I'm back! Only barely... I started this blog because I wanted to talk about two things dear to my heart. I do love both music and the Internet, bitching and complaining was not the purpose but sometimes you are pushed to the limit and you use your blog to document some of the worst ways in which consumers and customers are treated. Here is my account of the saga of changing the bank from which your ISP deducts its monthly payment.

Notice my logo is missing, that is because it is hosted on my own webserver which is currently down due to the trouble with Telus Internet billing!

End of October early November : login into my account page at and change my bank information. I'm careful to not confuse the numbers. F.Y.I. On the bottom of every check there are four numbers.

  1. Check number, You know its the check number because you can see the same number at the upper right hand corner of the cheque. It changes on each check

  2. Your bank's institusion number, this identifies the specific branch of your bank. It is unique and this number is on every cheque.

  3. Your account number.

  4. ABA Transit Number which

    The FreeDictionary
    defines a tranit number this way:

    ABA transit number

    "ABA transit number - an identification number consisting of a two-part code assigned to banks and savings associations; the first part shows the location and the second identifies the bank itself."

All these numbers are standard throughout North America. After all, no one wants to loose money somewhere out there in packet land where no one can use it. Simple and easy, when I started this account way back when I was one of the few people with ADSL service it was the only way to pay for it.

The following Monday I called Telus to see if the change had gone through and was informed that they did not have up to date information on their systems yet. That would take several more days. I waited, probably to long, and assumed that thing were OK because I had no notification othwise.

The beginning of November i revieved and email sayint that they had trouble deducting money from my account. I called and gave them what I knenw to be correct information. I got nothing but arguments from the Telus representative I talked to. I was told that every bank was differrent and they didn't know how to do it. They tried to get me to fhange method of payment because they said they could not guarantee things would be done correctlly. I told them that I would call my bank and get exactly the right information.

After calling the bank and confirming that everything was indeed ok. I called Telus back and gave them the information. They confimed that it was the information I had already given them.
Wednesday December 6th my Internet connection died, I called Telus tech support and was informed that there was a technical problem from billing. It wasn't an unpaid bil, just a problem. I immediatelly called billing, when I got a who i believed to be a supervisor on the line he appoolgized profusely for their mistake and guaranteed that my service would be up and running within 24 hours.

Thursday December 7: a no Internet service and I call Tech support againg and taken through a round of everthing that could possibly go wrong. I was told that everything was Ok from their end and that some thing was wrong at my end.

By now I am tearing my network apart looking for the weak link. I reconfigured a 10 year old network that was in good working order before and put things in place so I could easily reach them during a technical call. When I call back to Telus, the tehcn now tells me that it if fact was Telus that blocked me again for the same reasons. Yet another call to billling where I get the same song and dance, and am again guaranteed my service would be up and running in 24 hours.

Friday December 9th; You got it... no ADSL service! Same reasons and to late to call billiing.

December 10th 9AM. Call billing and get things straightened out for the god knows how many times! This time some one from billing and someone forom the support are on the line at the same time both guaranteeing me service back.

Saturday December 10th. Call and confirm tht things are on the go and am informed that my ticket is in the cue to be set up.

Sunday December 11th Another call to Tech support and a extremely polite tech gave me all the help he could and kindly put a note about this incident on my file so the next tech would be aware of the problems and where to look for problems on Telus' end.

I wait for Monday morning when will solve the problem manually, likely by going to my bank and getting htem to fax the information Telus needs to them directly. Lots of work for me but peace of mind in the end.

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