Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Sony's Root Kit CD List Different in Canada --other countries?

The List of affected CD's is here. Notice Number 22 on the Canadian list is the recording of the Canadian Idol winning Contstants. While I basically do not like the kind of degrading cattle call that is programs lke Canadian and American Idol, I still and one Hundred percent behind the artists that go for the gold!

It is utterly disgustring that Sony should put their scumware into this first release by them. This means that there CD will no longer be in stores for Christmas and not only that but they can't even play the CD for family and friends! What a nice present from Sony for those hard working up and coming names.

ZDavis UK has this article with information with new information about an additional vulnerabiility. This comes after SunCommm released its patch This is the link to the SONY/BMG MediaMaxx patch. Please report your success or failure to the Boycot Sony Blog.

Now, let me make see if I can scrape some of the scummm off from taht story and make some coffee!

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