Saturday, December 03, 2005

Sony/BMG attacks its Paying Customers!

I had not wanted to begin this blog on such a discordant note, however, current events in the business I have followed and worked in for many years have forced this issue. Sony/BMG has effectively attacked its own customers. Not the ones downloading music the RIAA claim as their Intellectual Property, but the customers who enter a retail outlet and purchase the product.

I can do not believe for one second that this act prevents on track from appearing for download. Those tracks were likely there even before they hit the streets.

The thoughtless and reckless acts on the part of Sony/BMG and their contractors have put an unnecessary burden on their own front line employees as well as the over worked and largely underpaid staff working in retails outlets around the world.

Retailers will take care fo their customers and I don't know of any that will not exchange this defective product if it is returned. But at this time of the year retailers frequently will not do any returns or exchanges until after Christmas. Making an exception for Sony/BMG's massive blunder throws extra work on already stressed retail trade workers. As usual, it is the front line customer service people who will take the brunt of the problem. They should not have to be doing returns or refunds for the illegal acts of one of their suppliers

I could go on but there are really other things I'd like to talk about and Tim Jarrett is doing such a fabulous job at his blog Boycott Sony.

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